The Real World

Trygve and Kristen Johnson

READ : Hebrews 1:1-12

Let all God’s angels worship him. (v. 6)

Christian worship is where we participate in the really real world. In worship, an alternative reality unfolds and invites us to experience a different rhythm: a rhythm of revelation and response.

Worship is a rhythm by which we respond to God’s revelation. Revelation is the event of God speaking to us through his Son, Jesus. This Son, Jesus, is the reality behind reality. He is the reality because the Son created reality. Every Sunday morning we participate together in a response to this reality whose “years will never end.” But we are not the only ones responding.

Right now, “all God’s angels worship him” (v. 6). When we gather to worship we are joining an angelic choir that gathers around Jesus, who is the revelation, the reflection of God’s glory. In worship we are participating in an unceasing worship service going on in heaven right now.

Worship, then, is something we experience as participants, not something we watch. We gather as a congregation to respond as participants to revelation, not as an audience to be entertained. Jesus, the Son, is the revelation, “heir of all things,” and all things are gathered around his throne. Let us join the angels in worshiping God as we respond to the grace and wonder of Jesus Christ this Christmas season.


God, help us to keep Jesus as the reality we fall down and