Tim Brown

READ : Song of Solomon 3:6-11

Look, O daughters of Zion, at King Solomon. (v. 11)

I think it was the famous faux philosopher and baseball great Yogi Berra who once said, “You know, you can see a lot just by looking!” Hundreds of times throughout the witness of the Holy Scriptures we are enjoined to “look” in heaven’s direction to find the hope, confidence, and wisdom to live out our days on earth. Our verses today from the Song of Solomon are a good example.

Three times in these verses Solomon is specifically named. He is so named only six times in the entire book. But the keen-eyed reader will see that “something greater than Solomon is here!” (Matthew 12:42). The daughters of Zion, that is the inhabitants living around the great city of Jerusalem, are enjoined to look at the coming King. In the ancient world the king was the source of life and hope. Apart from the strength of the king the people were defenseless against their enemies and powerless to provide for themselves. The faithful followers of Jesus understand this of their King as well, which is why the writer to the Hebrews finds hope for us all in “… looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). It is amazing what you can see when you look!


We come, O Christ, to thee, true Son of God and Man. Amen.