Eating and Drinking in Love

Tim Brown

READ : Song of Solomon 5:1-8

Eat, friends, drink, and be drunk with love. (v. 1)

For centuries Christian believers have gathered around the cup and the loaf of the Lord’s Supper and been reminded through our most ancient liturgies that, “We come in hope, believing that this bread and this cup are a pledge and foretaste of the feast of love of which we shall partake when his kingdom has fully come …” Our passage for today, speaking rapturously of eating and drinking love, points us to the table of our Lord Jesus. There is a relationship between love and intimacy with God and a willingness to come hungry to the provision of his grace at the table of Jesus Christ.

John Calvin, spiritual forbear to many in the Reformed tradition, once wrote this about a believer’s experience at the Lord’s Supper: “Here at the Table Christ himself grows into one with us … There is nothing more incredible than that things severed and removed from one another by the whole space between heaven and earth should not only be connected across such a great distance but also to be united, so that souls may receive nourishment from Christ’s flesh.” The Lord’s Supper is not merely a place where we remember Jesus; it is the place where we receive Jesus.

Eat, friends, drink


Feed us, O God, until we want no more. Amen.