God's Seal

Tim Brown

READ : Song of Solomon 8:6-14

Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm. (v. 6)

A seal in the ancient world was the mark of a king. It told all who observed it that the thing sealed came from the king, belonged to the king, served the purposes of the king, and was under the protection of the king. To tamper with something sealed by the king was to interfere with the king himself – with the gravest of consequences. The Beloved (Christ himself) comes to us (the church) and bids us to bear his seal.

To bear the seal of the Beloved is to mark a life goal of becoming like Christ. And perhaps this is an appropriate place to end our time together with the Song of Solomon: with a commitment to become more and more like the one who loves us. I hasten to add that this becoming is not so much a product of grit as of grace. I love these empowering words of C.S. Lewis from Mere Christianity: “Jesus Christ intends to make of us the same kind of creature as himself
… dazzling, rippling, immortal creatures pulsating all through with such energy, joy, wisdom, and love that we can now not imagine …” This is the destiny of those who bear the King’s seal – Jesus Christ – on their hearts.


Grant us the grace to become more and more like Jesus.