Adoring the Mystery

Ken Samples

READ : Romans 11:33-36

How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! (v. 33, NIV)

As creatures, we will never know and understand God as God understands himself. And while God’s triune nature is mysterious and ultimately incomprehensible to the finite mind, we can still explore it in a meaningful way. The Trinity is not an absurdity. We search for understanding even though human beings can never fully comprehend just how God eternally exists in three persons. Yet imperfect analogies do provide meaningful insight into his triune nature. For example, a single triangle with three sides or one family with three members is understandable. Reasoned and careful inferences drawn from Scripture about God do make sense, even though they do not fully explain.

The difficulty that human beings have in grasping the Trinity is that God is ultimately different from anything in the created order. For example, the teaching that one being exists as three distinct persons is completely counter to all human experience. This is, of course, the difficulty with human analogies of the Trinity – God is in some respects wholly other. But many truths are beyond full human comprehension. Many things God reveals about himself are unfathomable. We need not understand God in order to worship him; rather, we adore the mystery of his infinite being.


“Holy God, we praise thy name … and, adoring, bend the knee, while we own the mystery!”