The God Who Is Beyond Us

Ken Samples

READ : Psalm 139:1-14

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. (v. 6, NIV)

The Creator of the universe is an infinite and morally perfect being. However, human beings are by nature creatures, which means that they are finite, and because of sin, imperfect. Yet for the creature to encounter the Creator, the creature must first acknowledge his or her limitations and imperfections. We must become acquainted with mystery if we are ever to know the infinite, eternal, and unchanging God. As evangelical theologian Bruce Milne states: “Mystery inevitably accompanies all God’s dealings with his creatures.”

The doctrine of the Trinity, while understandable as a teaching, is deeply shrouded in divine mystery. We confess that the one God exists eternally and simultaneously as three distinct but not separate persons. Some people, however, reject this teaching because it doesn’t comport with their experience or because it cannot be fully comprehended by their intellect. But the question is whether human beings will accept God as he actually reveals himself to be, mystery included, or only settle for a being they think they can fully comprehend. Of course if the human mind could comprehend God, would he be much of a God? The truths of God may range above reason, but never against it. Thus the Trinity is a mystery, but not a contradiction.


Reverence for you, my God, is the beginning of wisdom.