Why Does the Trinity Matter? (Part 4)

Ken Samples

READ : John 14:15-21

I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor. (v. 16, NIV)

Though all three persons of the Godhead are coequal in power, glory, and majesty, they nonetheless submit and defer to one another. For example, the Father has decreed that all creatures should honor the Son just as they honor the Father. The Son submits to the will of the Father, places all glory at the Father’s feet, and focuses attention on the Spirit’s unique work. The Holy Spirit connects sinners to the redemptive work of the Son. This model of humility and deference among coequal divine persons should be instructive to God’s people in the areas of marriage and family life.

Husbands and fathers can express their leadership role by adopting the position of a humble and submissive servant without being thought to be weak. Wives and mothers can submissively and humbly serve their husbands and nurture their children without the fear of being thought inferior. Children can submit to and respect their parents, all the time knowing that they are valued and respected members of the family. One scriptural metaphor of salvation is familial in nature. Redemption in Christ is portrayed as adoption into the family of God. In this, as elsewhere, the doctrine of the Trinity has much to teach God’s people.


“Holy, Holy, Holy … God in Three Persons, blessed Trinity!”