The Protection Connection

Tim Beals

READ : Psalm 91

Those who love me, I will deliver. (v. 14)

Rachel’s uneasiness grew as she drove home in her white ’91 Mustang. It was dark, and she sensed that the semi behind her was beginning to follow her. As she picked up speed on the interstate, every move she made was matched by the truck driver. She was suddenly gripped with uncontrolled fear.

After ten agonizing minutes, she was finally able to swerve onto an exit, where she found refuge in a lighted restaurant parking lot. With the truck still on her bumper, she screeched to a stop and raced to the safety of the crowded restaurant. When she turned around, she watched what happened next with horror, then relief. The trucker rushed to the car and dragged out a would-be mugger hiding in the back seat.

Suddenly she realized that the truck driver had been trying to help her. Sitting high in his semi, he had seen the danger that she never knew was there. And though Rachel misunderstood the trucker’s motives, he didn’t stop until he got her out of danger.

This story, which first appeared in Leadership magazine, should remind us of God’s relentless protection during the course of our routine activities. The psalmist assured us that if we love and trust God, he and his angels are always where we need them most (Psalm 91:11-15).


Thank you for watching and protecting me today.