Switching Sides

Lee DeYoung

READ : Acts 16:27-34

At the same hour of the night he took them and washed their wounds; then he and his entire family were baptized without delay. (v. 33)

Albert Dosti was an officer in the army of his native Albania during the final years of its Communist dictatorship. His responsibility was to monitor incoming radio broadcasts on behalf of Albania’s officially atheistic government. When he first heard Words of Hope’s gospel programs in his native language, Albert chose to disobey his standing orders. Instead of mobilizing to halt those broadcasts, Albert continued to listen secretly. “Listening was forbidden, but the Word of God touched me and made me more interested. It was the first time I had heard programs that spoke about God.” Albert the atheist censor became an avid listener of gospel broadcasts. They eventually changed his life.

When the Philippian jailer was transformed from captor to convert by his remarkable encounter with Paul and Silas, he immediately sought baptism for his entire family. Likewise, soon after his conversion, Albert Dosti began leading other Albanians to Christ. Today the Way of Peace congregation which Albert planted and pastors is growing rapidly. “Radio has changed my life, as well as other people’s lives. Our church is a living testimony in our city – spreading the gospel all over.”


We rejoice, O Spirit, in your transforming power.