A Trophy of Grace

David Bast

READ : John 15:12-17

You did not choose me but I chose you. (v. 16)

Born and raised in a non-Christian country, Elizabeth had never heard of Jesus Christ. When she was eight years old she had a dream in which she saw a man all dressed in white. Elizabeth’s heart went out to him and she felt peace in his presence.

One night when Elizabeth was in her teens, she dreamed again. Once more she saw the man in white, but this time she learned his identity. “I am Jesus,” he said, “Do you want to be baptized?” “Oh, yes, Lord!” Elizabeth cried. At that moment she awakened, and realized it was only a dream. But – inexplicably – Elizabeth was soaking wet in her bed, as if she had been drenched! She set out to learn more about the Lord whom she already loved. There was a church in her city; Elizabeth began to attend. She met a young man there, who started teaching her the Bible. They fell in love and were married.

Now, years later, they sat before us as Elizabeth shared her testimony. “I have already been baptized in my dream,” Elizabeth concluded, “but for nine years I have waited to be baptized in public and show that I belong to Jesus.” The next morning we had the inestimable privilege of granting her wish, and marking Elizabeth with the sign of God’s covenant love.


Lord, we praise you for your amazing grace.