God Meant It for Good

Lee DeYoung

READ : Genesis 50:14-21

Even though you intended to do harm to me, God intended it for good, in order to preserve a numerous people, as he is doing today. (v. 20)

David Dit Bullen is a Dinka farmer from Paluer near Bor in southern Sudan. With that area’s scorching heat and parched soil, vegetation is sparse and the living tenuous. When I visited in 1998, David pointed to a small tree next to his mud brick home. “You see this tree,” he explained, “before we became Christians, this tree was one of our traditional gods. But now it is just another tree.” To my eyes, the tree looked unimpressive – more like a large bush. I could imagine that something leafy might be precious in such a harsh environment, but an object of worship?

I asked David how he and so many of his neighbors had recently committed their lives to Jesus Christ. “From 1991 until now,” David answered, “when many people were displaced and war broke out all around our Bor area, people lost their cattle and all the wealth they had. From then on, it was a revival time for them! For these past seven years, we have seen mass conversions.”

The same Lord who used the treachery of Joseph’s brothers to save multitudes had utilized the devastation of Sudan’s civil war for his grand saving purpose.


We praise your gracious providence, sovereign Lord.