Reason to Evangelize

Lee DeYoung

READ : John 9:24-34

They answered him, “You were born entirely in sins, and are you trying to teach us?” And they drove him out.” (v. 34)

Bhutan is a Himalayan country whose leaders are staunchly Buddhist. One Christian leader from the region aptly describes it as the world’s only country with no synagogues, mosques, churches, or (Hindu) temples anywhere in sight. The only obvious houses of worship are all Buddhist. Dzongs (walled Buddhist fortress-monasteries) dot Bhutan’s mountainous landscape.

On one of his treks to visit isolated listeners, Words of Hope’s Bhutanese program producer was thrilled to encounter a remote village whose entire population professed faith in Jesus Christ. He asked how so many of them had become believers. One testified that he and a friend had become Christians by quietly listening to Words of Hope’s Dzongkha language broadcasts. Anticipating the official persecution which their conversions might attract, the two purposefully evangelized all of their fellow villagers. They reasoned: “The authorities might be less willing to persecute an entire village of Christians rather than just a few believers.”

Like the blind man whose eyes were miraculously opened by Jesus, those first Bhutanese converts could expect the outcast treatment from the authorities. Achieving strength in numbers proved to be a compelling motivation for sharing the Good News.


We celebrate, O Spirit, your life-changing power.