If God Is for Us

David Bast

READ : Romans 8:31-39

If God is for us, who is against us? (v. 31)

Sarah and Emil were newlyweds, attending a Bible teaching conference for believers from their closed country in a neighboring land. They shared what had happened to them after returning home from a similar conference six months previously. The police arrested them and brought them in for interrogation. Because they had recently traveled outside the country they faced suspicion; if charged and convicted of espionage, they would hang. The government was not really interested in guilt or innocence; they simply wanted to instill fear by punishing some as examples to the rest. A single judge would determine the young couple’s fate, based on the recommendation of the police interrogator. Sarah and Emil faced a lengthy series of questions to which they had to make written replies. At the end, the interrogator asked, “Is there anything else you wish to write?” Though only a very new and very frightened believer, Sarah found herself writing some words she had heard in the Bible conference: “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

The police officer, not knowing the source of the words, was greatly impressed by them. “Do you believe this?” he asked. “Yes,” replied Sarah. “Then I will go in with you to the judge and speak on your behalf.” Sarah and Emil were dismissed with no charges.


Lord, we are awed by the power of your Word.