Lee DeYoung

READ : Acts 28:23-31

… proclaiming … the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance. (Acts 28:31)

Rianna is a university student who was raised in a Christian family in one of the world’s most tightly closed countries. Despite her adopted homeland’s official antipathy to Christianity, Rianna’s testimony is remarkably upbeat: “Although we don’t have any churches, we have our private meetings in homes – different homes so we don’t attract attention. We do worship together regularly. Of course, we keep the windows closed so no one can hear. It is a very strict closed country where we are not allowed to express our beliefs out loud. We are not even permitted to wear a cross or show any sign of belonging to any church. But still you can find a lot of believers all over the country.”

Rianna is enthusiastic about the growing impact in her closed country of gospel proclamation via restriction-free electronic media: “There aren’t any barriers. It’s not like the old days where everything was on books that could be stopped. If it’s through the Internet or radio waves … we have sermons that are broadcast, we have [gospel] songs, and they can’t stop that. They can’t.”

Literally the last word in the book of Acts is “unhindered.” Paul may be chained, but the gospel message isn’t. It can’t be stopped!


We thank you, Lord, for assuring us of your sovereign provision for all who love you.