My Sheep Hear My Voice

David Bast

READ : John 10:14-16
John 10:27-28

My sheep hear my voice … and they follow me. (v. 27)

When Ruth was a little girl living in a country closed to the gospel, her mother happened upon a Christian radio program in her own language one day, broadcast into the country by shortwave. She began listening day by day, with her daughter beside her. After several years of growing understanding and faith fed by these daily broadcasts, Ruth came home one day with news. “I found an old church in our city,” she told her mother excitedly. “There are some Christians there, and we should go.” Ruth’s mother was afraid at first, but she was carried along by her daughter’s enthusiasm. Ruth’s father disapproved, but he loved his wife and daughter and did not have the heart to refuse them. In fact, to protect them he would escort them across the city to church, then stand outside while they went in for the service. One day a church member accosted him. “Why do you stand out in the street? What are you afraid of? Come inside and join us.” He did, and soon Ruth’s father was also a believer.

Today Ruth is grown up, and helping to lead a house-church fellowship with her husband. Her parents do the same in their city. All because when they were able to hear the Good Shepherd’s voice, they recognized it, and began to follow him.


Lord, may we always follow you.