The Cross and Courage

Dave Gifford

READ : Hebrews 10:19-25

We have confidence … by the blood of Jesus. (v. 19, NIV)

Sometimes we need to summarize the Bible’s long sentences in order to grasp their logic and appreciate them fully. Here’s a summary of today’s passage: “Since Jesus died for us, we can confidently approach God’s holy presence in prayer. So let’s pray with boldness. Let’s cling to God’s promises with courageous loyalty. And let’s meet together regularly to cheer each other on until Jesus returns.” Jesus died so that we might have courage – courage to face God and courage to face a difficult world. And Jesus urges us to pass our courage on to others.

Think of how intimidating life can be. As human beings we face daily pressures just to survive. As followers of Jesus we struggle not only to survive but to be faithful. Throw in temptations and opposition, and the list gets pretty daunting! But the cross made prayer possible. And prayer makes courage possible, because with God at our side we can face anything! Do you feel threatened by life? Take heart! You can find courage to “hold unswervingly to hope” by seeking the Lord in prayer – and by seeking the support of fellow believers. “Courage” is found right at the center of “encouragement,” which is what believers give and receive as they meet together.


Lord, help us to cheer each other on until Jesus returns.