The Cross and Assurance

Dave Gifford

READ : Romans 8:31-39

Who is he that condemns? (v. 34, NIV)

What vicious power guilt has over people’s minds! So many people think God could never forgive their great sins. And so many believers struggle with the continuing presence of sin in their lives. They wonder how God could keep on forgiving them day after day, year after year for the same sins they keep on committing. A voice in their hearts hurls condemning words at them: “Why don’t you just give up and quit. You’ll never change. You can’t be forgiven.” But that voice is not God’s!

According to Romans 8, the cross of Jesus shows us how far God the Father was willing to go to save us. He spared no expense, giving up his dear Son for our sake. The cross also shows us how passionate Jesus was about saving us. He went to hell and back for us, and in heaven he now pleads our cause. Who will bring any charge against those who belong to God in Jesus Christ? Who dares condemn us? The devil? Our guilty conscience? If so, the voices of a Father and a Son speak louder and surer words in our favor. They promise us that nothing in heaven or on earth, in the past, present or future, can ever separate us from God’s love.


God of grace, ease my conscience with your faithful promise of love and forgiveness.