Rescue Meal

Dave Gifford

READ : John 6:35
John 6:51-58

Whoever feeds on this bread will live forever. (v. 58)

A first-century preacher rolls into town and announces that anyone who wants to live forever needs to eat him and drink his blood. Not exactly the way to win friends! Especially in a Jewish community, where the very thought of drinking blood was a horrifying offense against religious scruples (see Leviticus 17:10-14). But this is a life-or-death situation. Jesus shocks people to awaken them to their need. Like a rescue worker bringing food to the starving, Jesus brings his own nourishing self to a world where spiritual famine claims everyone as its victim. Whoever “feeds” on Jesus – whoever believes in him (v. 35) – discovers him to be life-saving food.

It was a life-or-death situation for Jesus, too. Jesus is clearly pointing ahead to the cross when he mentions his flesh and blood. To give life to others, Jesus must accept death for himself. His body must be offered and his blood poured out in order to save us. When we believe in Jesus we do more than just agree with his teachings. We find our everlasting nourishment in him and what he did for us on the cross. The Lord’s Supper comes with this invitation: “Take, eat, remember and believe that Christ died for your sins. And feed upon him in your heart by faith, with thanksgiving.” Do that, and you have eternal life. – Dave Gifford


Lord, I look to you for true life, nourishment and satisfaction that lasts.