The Last Day of the Old Order

Michael Wilcock

READ : Luke 23:50-56

On the sabbath they rested according to the commandment. (v. 56)

It’s not often that you see your nation’s culture changing before your very eyes. I did, some years back, when I opened my new 1982 calendar and learned that from then on the first day of the week was to be no longer Sunday but Monday. Another little bit of England’s Christian heritage chipped away!

There could not be a more time-honored tradition than that which dates back to God’s making of the world, with six days of work followed by a seventh, a “sabbath,” for rest. It was still being observed as Old Testament history came to a close, and one particular weekend in our calendar coincided with another of God’s weekends. As everyone else finished work that Friday afternoon, Jesus finished his work too. In Genesis it had been the work of creation; now it was the work of redemption.

His disciples did not know what to make of that strange quiet Saturday as their Lord’s body rested in the tomb. They could not yet see that with the next working day (yes, Sunday!) would dawn a new kind of week, with a new work of God begun through his risen Son, and a whole new world in which every nation might hear the good news.


Thrill us afresh, Lord, with the work for you that even today lies before us.