Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Matthew 19:16-24

You shall not give false testimony. (Exodus 20:16, niv)

The ninth commandment is related to Bart, the football coach. He could have remained in that Muslim country on a pretense, with a “job” in a company that didn’t actually do anything or a non-profit organization that merely gave lip service to its avowed purpose. Sometimes Christians set up such fronts to get into “closed” countries to do evangelism and church planting. They defend this subterfuge by pointing to the importance of their mission and how it would be hindered if they actually spent time doing those things they listed on their visa application.

Bart was also committed to personal evangelism and church planting, but didn’t believe those ends justified the means if they included losing one’s integrity. He wanted to honestly answer the common question, “What do you do here?” “I work for an export business and coach football” is a truth Bart can always say. “I am a Christian, here in this country because I love God and its people,” is a truth he can often say, even in a Muslim nation. “I want this entire office, neighborhood, team, school, and nation, to turn to Christ” is a truth he will only say in appropriate settings.

Christ’s mission is about being a wise, honest, and faithful ambassador, not a secret agent.


God, give me the wisdom and courage I need to pursue my ministry with integrity. Amen.