Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Matthew 11:1-6

The good news is preached to the poor. (v. 5, niv)

Phil and Joyce serve the poor in central Asia. Phil, an engineer, teaches the men how to drill simple wells for clean drinking water, build functional latrines, and use solar ovens for their food. Joyce, an RN, teaches the women basic health and hygiene and how to care for their children. Their work greatly improves the quality of life for these people. They practice their professions in a remote, difficult part of the world because they want to use their training to serve Christ in a needy place.

As they do their work, they also talk about spiritual things, especially the person and work of Christ. The people they serve are naturally curious about their lives and motivations, so there are many opportunities for such conversations. Phil and Joyce are committed to a holistic presentation of the gospel, sharing God’s love in word and deed, and caring about the physical and spiritual needs of people. They also know Jesus’ priorities, understanding that an improved quality of life in this world is not as important as the life that goes on forever.

We most help the poor (and the rich!) when we teach the good news of Christ’s saving work. Indeed, this should be our most important reason for living and working—wherever we are.


Lord, help me serve peoples’ every need in every way I can. Amen.