His Eternal Power and Divine Nature

Verlyn Verbrugge

READ : Romans 1:18-25

For what can be known about God is plain to them. (v. 19)

In Romans 1:18-31, Paul makes two points. First, God can be universally known from his revelation in nature. But second, apart from God’s divine grace everyone chooses to worship “the creature rather than the Creator” (v. 25).

The first of these principles is gathering steam today in what is called the “Intelligent Design Movement.” Many scientists, including some who are not Christians, are realizing that the incredibly complex universe in which we live could not have come into existence by accident. In fact, it takes more faith to believe everything came by chance than to believe some Master Designer was behind it all.

While belief in this Designer is not saving faith in Jesus Christ, it is often an avenue through which a scientist begins to look at the Bible. This should not surprise us, since this is precisely what Paul tells us here. Plainly imprinted on God’s creation is the stamp of its Artist/Creator.

Why doesn’t everyone see that? Because with all their sophisticated intelligence, many people “do not honor him as God” and so their minds are darkened (v. 21). Sin has great power, even over the thinking of some of the world’s smartest people.


Thank you, God, for your great creation, through which we can see your everlasting power and divinity. Amen.