Applauding Sin

Verlyn Verbrugge

READ : Romans 1:26-31

. . . they not only do them but even applaud others who practice them. (v. 32)

Paul lists some horrible life-patterns of the unbelieving world in this section: sexual immorality, violence, arrogance, cruelty, ruthlessness. Sounds a little like the daily newspaper, doesn’t it?

Aren’t you glad that these characteristics do not describe your values and lifestyle? At least, I certainly hope they don’t! Especially when Paul emphasizes that “those who practice such things deserve to die” (v. 32). These are the characteristic behaviors of the world, not of the believer.

But wait a minute! God condemns not only those who commit such sins, but also those who stand on the sidelines giving approval. I wonder what he thinks of us when we watch for our entertainment on the little screen or the big screen people committing every one of the sins outlined in this section?

While earlier generations of Christians frowned on all movie attendance, have we gone too far the other way? Yes, there are wholesome, heart-touching films and programs, productions that can teach us the benefit and importance of biblical values. But there is a lot of garbage out there as well, and what passes through the eyes and fills the mind does affect the heart. Let us never look upon sinful behavior—even when fictionalized—as entertainment!


God, help me to make wise choices in how I use my time. May what fills my mind glorify you always. Amen.