God's Kindness

Verlyn Verbrugge

READ : Romans 2:1-11

Do you not realize that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance? (v. 4)

Peter was the type of neighbor no one likes to have. He was cranky. He was crotchety. He was mean. He always sat on his porch, ready to yell at anyone who set a foot on his precious grass. Kids were afraid of him. Teenagers enjoyed getting his goat. Parents wished he would move away.

But next door lived Eloise. She waved to the lonely man as she went on her morning walk. Sometimes she brought him fresh-baked cookies, always careful to step only on the sidewalk. And when he needed help after taking a bad fall, Eloise was there—making a meal, cleaning, and even mowing his grass.

Slowly Peter’s crabby heart began to soften, and when the opportunity came, he apologized to some of the neighbors for things he had said. Her kindness had led to his repentance.

God’s kindness is intended to do the same. He has placed us in this gorgeous world, sends rain and sunshine on the just and unjust, and gives us all good things. Most of all, he has given us his Son to be our Savior. And all he asks in return is that we turn to him in love and apologize (which is what repentance is).


God, your kindness to me is incredible. I repent of my sins and want to serve you. Amen.