Verlyn Verbrugge

READ : Romans 3:21-24

They are now justified freely by his grace as a gift. (v. 24)

“Justification by faith.” “Justified.” This is theological jargon, isn’t it? Why don’t those Bible translators use common words, words we can understand, to express biblical truths?

But wait a minute! Millions of people do word processing on their computers. Under the “format” function you can scroll down to “paragraph,” and then “alignment”: left, centered, right, or justified. If you choose justified, the words in your paragraphs will be perfectly aligned along the left and right margins.

That’s what justification expresses. Our lives are out of alignment with what God expects of us. As Paul has been stressing, we have all sinned and fallen short of his glory. Both to the right and left of our lives are jagged edges, making us look like an ugly printing job.

Then Jesus comes along with an offer to align our lives. He takes away our roughened edges and makes us beautiful and perfect. He justifies us by his grace through the redemption he earned for us on the cross. We are now acceptable, even perfect, in his sight.

But Jesus doesn’t stop there. Just as a document once justified remains justified throughout, so as long as we let Jesus control our lives, the Word of God continues to align us according to his will.


Lord, align my life with your perfect standards. Justify me by your grace. Amen.