Power for Witness

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Acts 1:1-8
Acts 2:1-12

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses . . . (Acts 1:8)

One of the great quests of modern physics is the attempt to produce “cold fusion.” If scientists could ever succeed in making atoms combine in this way, none of us would ever have to worry about gas prices again!

We search with ever increasing intensity for sustainable energy sources. But Jesus promised his followers power of a different sort, from a far greater Source. When the Lord poured out the Holy Spirit on his church, gathered in the Upper Room on Pentecost, he was giving his people all the strength and energy they would need—a free and infinitely renewable power source. The results became immediately apparent, as Jesus’ disciples—yes, those disciples, the very ones who ran away when he was arrested—took to the streets of Jerusalem to proclaim the Lord’s mighty saving acts to the same crowd that had crucified him.

There is no shortage of power available to us as Christians. It’s the power of God himself, and it’s free for the asking. But there is a catch. The power of the Spirit is given to us for a particular purpose. It isn’t to bless us, or to make us rich, or to fix all our problems. The Spirit’s power is power for witness.


Lord, make us witnesses to your salvation for all peoples on earth.