Blessing God

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Daniel 2:19-23

Daniel blessed the God of heaven. (v. 19)

Everyone is terrified of the furious king Nebuchadnezzar and his outrageous demand; everyone, that is, except Daniel and his friends. They have prayed, and they know God has answered, and Daniel seizes the opportunity of declaring in public how great God is.

Daniel’s prayer is a good one to use for yourself from time to time. Daniel begins with praise: “Blessed be the name of the Lord . . . Lord, we give you honor and credit and praise and thanks”—that is where we start.

Next Daniel mentions God’s “wisdom and power,” two themes of his book. God’s power is shown in controlling kingdoms, his wisdom in making known what is hidden to man (very relevant wisdom at that moment, for it saved the lives of Daniel and his friends!). Daniel mentions these details because it is good to be reminded how mightily God works, and it is good to spell things out plainly and specifically in order to feed our respect for God. Having honored God for (part of) what he is, Daniel then publicly thanks God and specifies the definite answer he has received. Do we ask for definite things so that we can recognize definite answers, or are our prayers thin and cloudlike? And do we start by first giving God particular praise?


Lord, you are wonderful and we bless you for your attributes.