There Is a God in Heaven

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Daniel 2:24-30

. . . there is a God in heaven . . . (v. 28)

Ever since Adam and Eve tried to hide from God (Genesis 3:8), people have copied them. Nebuchadnezzar does it here. He is about to hear a revelation from God, and sees only Daniel. “Are you able to tell me the dream . . . and its interpretation?” (v. 26). Daniel quickly corrects him. “No one can do that,” he tells the king, “But there is a God in heaven who can reveal mysteries. He is God” (v. 28). “He’s the revealer” (v. 29), “I don’t have any special wisdom” (v. 30). Daniel’s testimony underlines that God is at work in the king’s life, graciously revealing the future to him.

Confronted face to face by God, people will do almost anything to avoid him. They talk about luck, or circumstances, or even an abstract “power,” anything to deny the possibility of a personal God who is active in real life. Unbelievers really don’t want to face the One with whom we have to do.

When they try to wriggle out of it with you, even sometimes praising you for your “spirituality,” politely but firmly steer them back to the truth that “there is a God in heaven.” As you do, you will be giving credit where credit is due.


Lord, help me to acknowledge you in all I say and do.