Cherish Life!

William C. Brownson

READ : John 10:7-10

You shall not murder. (Ex. 20:13)

Here is the positive word from God in this commandment: cherish life! Let there be nothing in our hearts and lives that desires or does violence against another. Let each of us concern ourselves with the safety and well-being of all. In a world where people deliberately blow themselves and others to bits in a bid for some imagined paradise, let us who know God’s wonderful love do all we can to protect, celebrate, and enhance the lives of others.

Our society is bitterly divided over the issue of abortion. This practice, perhaps justified in some extreme cases, is always unspeakably sad for all concerned. How do we cherish life?

What about the controversy over capital punishment? It is clearly authorized in the Scriptures, but life imprisonment then was not a conceivable option. Evil must be restrained, society protected, but what does killing a killer accomplish? What most affirms the value of human life?

What about euthanasia, which literally means “good dying”? Who would want to oppose anyone’s dying well? But do we really want to encourage suicide? Do we want a society in which doctors, without the consent of patients, have the power to intervene actively and bring about their death?

Let’s never forget that God is on the side of life. May we have grace to side with him!


Show us, Lord, how to cherish life in our time!