Who Touched Me?

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 5:24-34

Daughter, your faith has made you well. (v. 34)

So far as we know, Jesus never had so much as a sore throat. If he was ever sick a day in his life, the Gospels don’t mention it. Some people just seem to enjoy good health.

Others are not so blessed. The woman in the Gospel has a continuous uterine discharge—a recurring hemorrhage. This is not a problem you want to have for 12 hours. The woman has had the problem for 12 years.

I like people who take responsibility for their own well-being. Notice that the woman doesn’t ask Jesus’ permission. She doesn’t tell him what she is going to do, nor did she plan on telling him about it afterwards. She makes herself responsible for her own healing, which Jesus seems to acknowledge when he speaks to her, saying: “Your faith has made you well.” (As opposed to: “My power has made you well.”) Jesus’ power was there for the taking, but only one person in the crowd had the faith and the boldness to reach out and take it.

Granted, if mere wanting to be well was sufficient, there would be little sickness. But it is equally true that some of us throng around Jesus all our lives, and never once reach out in faith and touch him. What are we waiting for?


Increase my faith, O God.