Let Talk about it

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 8:22-26

Then he sent him away to his home, saying, “Do not even go into the village.” (v. 26)

First Jesus opens the man’s eyes, then he closes the man’s mouth. This is one of several miracle stories that conclude with Jesus instructing the healed person not to spread the news of what had happened. “Do not even go into the village,” says Jesus. And other ancient authorities add, “. . . or tell anyone in the village.”

Why the gag order? Perhaps Jesus is concerned that people will see him more as a healer of bodies than a saver of souls. But for all his power and authority, the one thing Jesus never could do was to get folks to keep quiet about him. Usually, the people Jesus healed promptly went out and spread his fame throughout the land. My guess is the blind man of Bethsaida was no exception.

And how can you blame him? When Christ comes into your life and meets you at the point of your deepest need, how can you keep quiet?

But sadly, we often do keep quiet. Isn’t it strange that it should be so hard for Christians to talk about their faith, and about how Christ has acted in their lives? To be saved, forgiven, and heaven-bound, how can we not talk about that?


Open my mouth, O God. I have things to talk about. Amen.