Overcoming Jealousy

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 15:6-15

For he realized that it was out of jealousy that the chief priests had handed him over. (v. 10)

Pontius Pilate is no fool. He knows that “it was out of jealousy that the chief priests handed Jesus over.” Jealousy makes people behave in the worst ways.

Jealousy can squeeze the joy out of your life. To be always seething with resentment and covetousness over what others possess, or what they have accomplished—what a miserable way to live. Jealousy causes you to lose sight of your own uniqueness and worth. When you are jealous, you lose sight of yourself, your gifts, your graces; all you can see is the other person.

If only we could see the success and accomplishments of others as gifts of God. That would put things in a different light, wouldn’t it? When informed that people were flocking to Jesus, John the Baptist, rather than being resentful, said: “No one can receive anything except what has been given from heaven” (John 3:27). How differently we’d feel about the accomplishments of others if we viewed them as gifts from heaven. How can I be resentful of your success if I truly see it as the gift of God?

If God has bestowed gifts on other people, don’t be jealous. God has given you gifts, too. Instead of being jealous, try being thankful for God’s goodness.


Lord, help me to overcome my jealousy.