Care for All Creatures

Mike Vaal

READ : Psalm 104:10-18

He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains. (Psalm 104:10)

Hiking with my wife along the Pacific coast of Mexico on a recent vacation made Psalm 104 come alive in new ways. One day we walked up a mountain path to a waterfall—a stream tumbling through a ravine where water “flows between the mountains,” as our verse says. As we climbed I saw storks flying overhead, and in the distance the high-soaring frigate bird—a species I had never seen before outside of my bird guides. These birds, and many others, make their nests somewhere in the trees of the tropical forest that surrounds us. It is so unlike the boreal forest of northern Michigan where I live, or the cedars of Lebanon and junipers that the psalmist knew so well. But all these great forests—tropical, boreal or Mediterranean—are filled with the Lord’s well-watered trees.

I am reminded of the closing lines of Isaac Watts’ wonderful creation hymn, I Sing the Mighty Power of God:

While all that borrows life from Thee

is ever in Thy care,

And everywhere that man can be,

Thou, God, art present there.

Three very different worlds: the tropics of southern Mexico, the north woods of home, the Bible’s Middle Eastern landscape; but the Lord is present in each, caring for all his creatures.


Thank you, Lord, that your care extends to all your creatures—including me—and to all places.