Praise the Lord!

Mike Vaal

READ : Psalm 148

Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted; his splendor is above the earth and the heavens. (Psalm 148:13, NIV)

It is fitting to close a series titled All Nature Sings Thy Glory with a psalm that does just that. Psalm 148 calls on all of God’s creation to praise him. First it addresses everything in heaven—the sun, moon, and stars as well as the angels and heavenly hosts. Then it calls for praise from the earth—creatures on land and sea, trees, birds, mountains and even the weather. Humans are also included, from the mightiest kings to the smallest children.

The Lord deserves all this praise because his name is exalted above the earth and the heavens. He is God; his nature is simply to be above all things. Therefore all things should worship him.

As you have opportunity to be in some of the Lord’s beautiful places this summer, I hope that you will often add your voice to the creation’s symphony of praise. Mountains and forests, beasts and flying birds, snow and mist and stormy wind—these things can’t help but glorify God by their very being. But people have a choice. Will you choose to join with all created things on heaven and earth in singing —I mean literally singing—praise to him?


“God of glory, power, mercy, all creation praises Thee; We, Thy creatures would adore Thee now and through eternity. Amen!”