Going Deeper

Joel Plantinga

READ : Luke 5:1-11

“Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch men.” (v. 10, niv)

A crisis can totally transform a relationship. On September 11, 2001, office workers who previously were virtual strangers suddenly depended on each other for their very survival. One such story is of Brian Clark and Stanley Praimnath. Confused in the smoldering chaos that had been his World Trade Center office, Praimnath screamed helplessly. Hearing his cries, Clark found Praimnath and led him down eighty-four flights of stairs to safety. Later, Praimnath said, “Had it not been for God’s glory and this man’s goodness, I would not be here.” Clark, previously just another face, had become a brother.

In Luke 5, Jesus calls Peter and his friends into ministry. After a dismal night of fishing, Peter responds to Jesus’ challenge to put out into the deep and let down the nets by calling him “master,” a respectful term used out of deference to a wise person. After the wonderful catch of fish, Peter falls on his face before Jesus, and calls him “Lord.” Peter had experienced a profound change in his relationship with Jesus. He now saw Jesus as he really was, and worshiped him. Then he left his boat and began to follow Jesus.

Who is Jesus to you? Are you ready to give up everything and follow him?


Lord, thank you for your grace. Help us to trust you with our lives. Amen.