The Lost Art of Perseverance

Joel Plantinga

READ : Genesis 29:15-30

“Finish this daughter’s bridal week; then we will give you the younger one also, in return for another seven years of work.” And Jacob did so. (vv. 27-28, niv)

Rudy is my favorite movie. If you watch it and don’t cry, have your pulse checked! It’s the true story of Rudy Rudiger, an undersized football player who dreamed of playing for Notre Dame. Without a scholarship, he walked on and competed on the practice team for four years. After receiving a promise from his coach that he would get in a game some day, Rudy is devastated when a coaching change threatens his dream. Yet, Rudy persevered and got to play in his last game for his beloved Fighting Irish.

Like Rudy, Jacob personified perseverance. Having fallen in love with Rachel, he agrees to work for seven years in her father’s fields. Tricked into marrying her older sister, he works for seven more years to earn the right to marry Rachel. Perseverance is an uncommon virtue these days. How many young lovers would work—and wait—14 years for the fulfillment of their desire?

We rarely get what we want when we want it. In our waiting we can become cynical and impatient, or we can persevere in faith and obedience, trusting that God will fulfill our dreams at exactly the right moment. Meanwhile, keep practicing!


Heavenly Father, teach us to be patient so that we can experience your blessings. Amen.