A Step of Faith

Joel Plantinga

READ : Joshua 3

“When you reach the edge of the Jordan’s waters, go and stand in the river.” (v. 8, niv)

In The Dream Giver, Bruce Wilkinson writes of a man named “Ordinary” who decides to leave his homeland of “Familiar” to pursue his dream. Ordinary journeys out of Familiar only to reach the edge of his comfort zone, where he will either push forward to achieve his dream, or turn back to Familiar to be with the comforts of his known life. Terrified, Ordinary nevertheless pushes on to eventually reach his dream. Is this your story?

When God called his people across the Jordan, he challenged their faith. During the middle of flood season, God required the leaders to step into the fast-flowing river and trust that God would make a way. They did, then he did, and they crossed into the fertile land God had prepared for them.

Obedience can be scary. We are often called to act before we feel prepared, usually at a time when we have little to go by and without any clear view of how things will turn out. At that moment we must decide if we trust God’s commands more than our own “sound judgment.” When God commands and we obey, he provides!

Don’t go back to the land of “Familiar.” Step out in faith!


Heavenly Father, increase our faith so we can step out in total trust of your power and love. Amen.