Remember Her Spot

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : 2 Peter 1:5-15

I think it right, as long as I am in this body, to refresh your memory. (v. 13)

There she was again, sitting in “her spot.” Everyone knew it was “her spot” and—out of respect or fear—no one else dared to sit there. Aisle seat, back row, extra cushion. Jo was a fixture at Bethel Reformed: worship services, weddings, funerals . . . If the doors were open, Jo was always there. Why? Was it out of boredom because she had nothing else to do? Was it merely habit? For some it might be, but not for Jo. Her active presence was sincere. Her love for Christ and his church ran deep, permeating everything she did, everything she was.

In Peter’s second letter, he writes to exhort the church and encourage believers to lead a virtuous life. His time to die is soon and he wants to remind them of the importance of godly living; to remind them again and again long after he is gone (v. 12). Peter succeeds each time we read his holy letters. Jo, and the thousands of elderly, living epistles like her, reminds us each time we glance around the sanctuary and see “their spot,” of the need for life-long faithfulness.

Even as Jo’s body aged and grew frail, she continued to worship with dogged perseverance. Finally, her fragile frame betrayed her and she left it behind to take her ultimate spot—in glory.


Lord, may we love your church like Peter and like Jo.