Praise the Lord!

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : Psalm 66

Make a joyful noise to God! (v. 1)

She was not doing well. The recent stroke she’d suffered was severe and had taken its toll on her aging mind and body. In semi-delirium, Cecile cried out over and over, “Help me! Would somebody please help me?” No attempts to console her, however, brought any relief. And so her pleas went on and on. Between such outbursts, though, Cecile’s voice would suddenly soften: “Lord, I know you’re here with me, please give me the strength to go on.” Occasionally, the murky waters of her mind would clear and a heart-felt word from family or staff got through. At those moments, each speaker received the same response, “Thank you, praise the Lord.”

The writer of Psalm 66 declares that it is the Lord who listens to our prayers. He doesn’t let our feet slip, nor does the fire consume us. He does great deeds among us mortals. In all things, the psalmist states, adore the Lord on High; sing the glory of his name.

Over the next few months, Cecile worked hard at her own recovery. In time she was promoted from wheelchair to walker and then again from infirmary to independent living. Upon hearing the news can you guess her instantaneous response? That’s right: “Praise the Lord!”


Lord, may our lips be quick to praise you. No matter our circumstances, may we bless your name.