In the Image of God

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : Matthew 3:13-17
Genesis 1:26-31

In the image of God (v. 27)

Jesus met John at the Jordan River. At this point in his ministry he hadn’t healed anybody or spoken to the masses. He hadn’t really done anything spectacular. Yet as he came up out of the baptismal waters, God spoke of his fatherly affection for the Son. His stamp of approval was placed upon Jesus simply because of who he was—the beloved Son . . . And God was pleased.

Once upon a time, Tillie was an amazing person. She could “give and do so much.” However, her fashionable, expensive clothes have been replaced with simple cotton dresses, bobby socks, and Buster Brown shoes. In a child-like condition, Tillie has lost most of her faculties by our standards of productivity. Her vocabulary has shrunk to “yaap” and “no,” and those rarely mean what she intends.

Genesis tells us that we are created in God’s image. Whatever that image may consist of, it means that we have intrinsic worth and value simply as human beings. Jesus certainly did—as he came up out of the water. Tillie did—when she waltzed in her prime—and she certainly still does, just as much, when she wanders the halls like a child. Our worth as God’s image-bearers depends only on the fact that we have life, not on our quality of life.


Loving Creator, thank you for giving every human life dignity and value.