Funeral Celebration

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : John 14:1-7

“Believe in God, believe also in me.” (v. 1)

Have you ever thought about planning your own funeral? Judy did. Every detail, from song selection and sermon topic to favorite Scripture verses, was carefully thought out. A two-year battle with cancer was coming to a close and time was short. One last chance, she thought, to bear witness to her Savior’s love to the friends and family who would be in attendance. Prior to cancer, Judy’s whole life was a joyful proclamation of Jesus. Why shouldn’t her last act on earth be the same?

Jesus also had time to think about his temporal end. In an attempt to comfort and instruct his disciples, he lets them know of what’s about to happen. He is going to die, but that is not the end. He’s going on to a glorious mansion, one with plenty of room for those who follow him. “Come!” he says, “follow me, for I am the Way!”

Judy’s funeral was packed and she would have loved the service! What she couldn’t have planned, however, was the outpouring of testimonies from the many people whose lives she touched. Her Christian witness went far, deep, and wide. Now she celebrates in the Father’s house of many rooms. If you’ve never taken the step, come now, follow him and join in the celebration!


Lord, may many come to Christ through the witness of your saints.