All Israel Will Be Saved

Verlyn Verbrugge

READ : Romans 11:25-27

And so all Israel will be saved. (v. 26)

Do you ever underline words in your Bible? (You mean I may actually mark up my Bible?) Take a pencil, reread Romans 9-11, and underline every use of “Israel.” You will discover that in every instance, “Israel” refers either to God’s Old Testament people or to the Jews of Paul’s day.

This passage concludes Paul’s three-chapter struggle as to why most Jews are rejecting Jesus as Messiah. Through Gentiles coming to salvation and provoking the Jews to jealousy, Paul asserts that God’s planned goal is that “all Israel will be saved.”

This does not mean that every single Jewish person will confess Jesus as the Messiah, but there will be sufficient numbers so it can be said, “All Israel is saved.” And we see that today, don’t we? – Messianic Jewish congregations, Jews for Jesus, Chosen People Ministries, Ariel Ministries. More than any other time in Christian history, Jews are turning to Yeshua (“Jesus” in Hebrew) as their Savior.

Thus will be fulfilled the vision of Hosea 3:5: “Afterward the Israelites shall return and seek the Lord their God . . . they shall come in awe to the Lord and to his goodness in the latter days.” Those latter days are upon us, friend!


Dear God, thank you for ministries that bring Jewish families to salvation in Yeshua, your Son. Amen.