Don't Forget to Pray!

John Koedyker

READ : Genesis 25:19-26

Isaac prayed to the Lord for his wife, because she was barren: and the Lord granted his prayer. (v. 21)

We don’t know a whole lot about Isaac himself. Isaac was the son of a more famous father (Abraham) and the father of a more famous son (Jacob). But we do know this: he was a man of prayer. What a wonderful thing to have a godly heritage! One can’t help but think that the importance of prayer was one of those things Isaac learned from his father Abraham.

Observing the spiritual lives of those who have gone before us can have an enormous impact on a young person. When I was a little boy I still remember the night I spent at my grandma’s house. Getting up for a drink, I remember seeing her in the dark beside her bed on her knees in prayer. I knew at that young age that I wanted to have that same intimate relationship with God.

As we see in these verses, not only did God answer Isaac’s prayer, but his wife Rebekah, faced with a difficult pregnancy, also sought out the Lord and received assurance about her twin sons. As someone has said, “Prayer isn’t the only thing you can do, but it is the most important thing.” So don’t forget to pray!


Lord, teach us to pray! Amen.