What God Wants to Tell Us

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Daniel 4:1-17

“. . . so that the living may know that the Most High is sovereign.” (v. 17, niv)

King Nebuchadnezzar has had another dream, and it has him scared (v. 5). Before much of the Bible was written down, God often spoke in dreams: to Jacob running away from home in Genesis 28, and to Solomon looking for God’s plan for his life in 1 Kings 3. Just before Jesus’ birth, Joseph and the Wise Men were warned and instructed in dreams sent by the Lord (Matthew 1-2).

Long ago Job taught, “In a dream . . . [God] may speak . . . and terrify them with warnings” (Job 33:15-16, niv). As Nebuchadnezzar testified, “the visions of my head terrified me” (Daniel 4:5).

But it is not enough just to be stirred up or frightened by dreams. God’s message to great King Nebuchadnezzar was clear. The point of his vision was to remind him who is really in charge, so that he “may know that the Most High is sovereign.” God gives earthly power and he can take it back again. The purpose of God’s warnings, whether they come in frightening dreams or more clearly in the words of Scripture, is to teach us repentance and humility—“that [God] may turn them aside from their deeds and keep them from pride” (Job 33:17). It’s a lesson great King Nebuchadnezzar—and we—must learn.


Lord, help me to hear your warnings and obey.