The Fullness of Time!

Tim Brown

READ : Galatians 4:1:7

But when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son . . . (v. 4)

What was it that made the time of Jesus’ coming the fullness of time? Some would say it was the common language of the Roman Empire, making it possible for peoples of wildly varying ethnic backgrounds to communicate freely. Others would say it was the vast network of Roman roads, making travel throughout the Empire relatively safe and easy. Still others would say it was the rising decadence of the Roman Empire, spelling its eventual doom.

Actually, all of this is speculative. What finally made the day of Jesus’ birth the fullness of time was the sovereign purposes of God. It was the right time because it was God’s time. And that challenges us to think differently about today.

Some years ago a very wise person told me that one of the most important questions I could ask myself on any given day is simply, “What time is it?” The answer to that question could not be found in a glance at my wrist watch, but only in an obedient response to the purposes of God. God has a plan, and an obedient following of his Son is the fulfillment of that plan. And this of course makes even today, the fullness of time.


Give us the courage to embrace your purposes for today, O Lord.