Covenant Promises

Bill Iverson

READ : Genesis 17:1-8

“I will establish my covenant . . . to be God to you and to your offspring.” (v. 7)

Let me share a personal testimony regarding the blessing of God’s covenant. I was in Arndol, Norway, in a little Free Church, standing at the baptismal font where my grandparents covenanted with God for my father in baptism. For six generations, thanks to mothers and fathers who were true promise keepers, Christ and his righteousness have been given and reproduced as a veritable fountain of life to Halvor and Evine Iverson’s descendants. My father and mother gave me to the Lord, and my wife and I in turn gave our children to the Lord. Now they have given our eleven grandchildren into the hand of our covenant God.

The influence of this one family has become world-wide. In this heritage, laden with human frailty and quite enough sin, God’s grace expressed through the Son of his Love has extended the kingdom boundaries through the gospel.

In 1926, Daniel Iverson began ministry in hurricane-devastated Miami. From this came 21 churches, 150 ministers and missionaries, and thousands of conversions. A grandson, Dan, is a missionary in Japan, and great-grandson Danny serves in urban ministry in Newark, New Jersey. His grandmother, with shining tears, loved to sing, “Give of thy best to the Master . . .”


Lord, let us hold back nothing, but give all we are and have for Christ. Amen.