Covenant Keepers

Bill Iverson

READ : Acts 1:1-11

“ . . . you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (v. 8)

She escaped from Nicaragua in 1988, crossing the Rio Grande with little Javiera. Somehow she got to Miami and from the bus saw the steeple of Shenandoah Church, where I was pastor. Leonor Mendoza asked to spend the night, and it turned into four sweet years in our home as an “adopted” covenant child. Bob Sisson came to build our study center library, loved Nicaraguan cooking, and the cook even more! Now the Sissons—Bob and Leonor—have bought property in Costa Rica to build an orphanage. The family covenant is for the whole world.

Lalla Iverson at three asked Jesus into her heart. At seven she wanted to be a doctor, at nine a missionary. At twenty-seven she taught pathology in China and barely escaped the communists. Her legacy was a Bible study which continued at the university for many years. Now Lalla’s in her 80s, and students still call her to thank her for her witness. The covenant is for the whole world.

What matters is not who you are, or where you go. What matters is living for Jesus. When we live for him we live for the world, beginning in our Jerusalem and going on to the ends of the earth.


Lord, we praise you for covenant keepers who “pass it on.” Help us to be such. Amen.