Don't Break the Chain

Bill Iverson

READ : Acts 2:22-39

“The promise is for you and your children . . .” (v. 39, niv)

I took my grandsons up on the highest building in Miami, and as we looked over Biscayne Bay to the vast Atlantic, I told them a story.

A tropical storm came up and a boatload of school children and teachers capsized about one hundred yards offshore. A team of local football players was at the beach and saw the tragedy in the making. As the coach realized the danger, he galvanized the team into action, forming a human chain reaching out into the water. Soon children and adults were pulled along the chain to safety.

But one greedy lad saw what looked like a mahogany jewelry box floating by. He reached for it, breaking the chain and drowning himself and several others.

How tragic! But there is even a greater tragedy: the broken covenant promise—not God’s, but ours.

I looked those youngsters in the eye with earnest tears, and encouraged them as a covenant grandfather: “Do not break the chain!” How I plead for each child and grandchild daily by faith in the blood of the everlasting covenant.

Take heart. We frail promise makers are not alone. The covenant God is the ultimate promise keeper. Remember the advice of Johann Staupitz, Luther’s mentor: “For every look at yourself, Martin, take ten looks at the promises of God.”


Thank you for the promises that reach all the earth for all time!