Every Day Is Special

Verlyn Verbrugge

READ : Romans 14:1-12

Some judge one day to be better than another, while others judge all days to be alike. Let all be fully convinced in their own minds. (v. 5)

“But Mom, why can’t we go swimming today? I know it’s Sunday, but we’re on vacation, and it’s so hot. We promise we won’t have fun!”

Yes, conversations like this really happened during the era when many people’s Sunday observance was filled with an unwritten list of do’s and don’ts. I remember my father rebuking me one Sunday after I played badminton outside with some friends. To me, Sunday was not the “day of all the week the best,” as the old hymn stated.

Approaching the Christian life legalistically has always been an issue in the church. In Paul’s day some churches argued whether a Christian could eat food (especially meat) that had been sacrificed to idols. In other areas, certain believers had rules about which behavior was appropriate on special days.

Paul’s basic principle is to follow your conscience – provided that your conscience is shaped by a desire to love, honor, and serve the Lord. After all, “we are the Lord’s” (v. 8), and every day should be seen as an opportunity to serve him faithfully. Within that framework, there are a host of different options available to us in living practical Christianity.


Dear God, help me to serve you freely and lovingly every day of my life. Amen.