Elijah – "El Is Yah!"

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Kings 17:1-6

. . . the Lord the God of Israel lives. (v. 1)

Ahab rules the nation, Baal worship becomes the state religion, and regular rains feed the land. Since Baal is the weather god, the three facts seem to belong together in a tidy package. No one sees much need for the old-fashioned belief in Yahweh, the God of Israel.

Nonetheless he is the real God, the real El (Hebrew for “God”). And on to the stage steps the man whose name proclaims it: “El is not Baal; El is YahElijah!”

Regardless of what kings and governments and even whole nations may think, this is the only God who is actually alive, and who actually speaks the words that control the life-giving rain (v. 1). If Ahab and his people ignore what this God has said in the past, he will now say things they cannot ignore. He will send a drought, to show Baal up for the nonentity that he is.

Like Elijah, the minority who know the true God today have the responsibility to make his word known. But first they learn its power themselves. They testify to a God who can and does teach hard lessons to willful unbelievers, but who at the same time can and does provide for those who trust him.


In a world that worships many other gods, may we speak up for you, Lord, without fear or shame.